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Adding static routes

November 23, 2015 - Posted in Feature Peek by

How to add static routes

In case 3rd-party routers are used in the network environment, it may be necessary to add manual
routes to reach the remote zones.

The following example explains how to add a manual route to reach the backbone zone
from HQ gateway.

Example setup

  • Login to your Connect Controller (CC)
  • Go to Network Design > Zones
  • Select “New Zone” and choose the correct Site from the drop-down menu where the new zone should be deployed, e.g. HQ
  • Enter a descriptive name e.g. “Backbone” and click on “Submit”
  • Select the new created zone
  • Change the network range in tab “IP” to and provide the gateway information for this network
  • Go to tab “Gateways” and switch “Default Gateway configuration” to manual
  • Delete the “Gateway assignments” below
    (Please note that the gateway IP in the zone’s “IP” information will not be used for routing decisions in this setup – it is just for visual clarity)
  • Click on “Settings” tab > 3rd-party routing > Add route
  • Select “HQ LAN” in “From Zone/Net” and enter the IP in “IPv4 gateway” and click “Submit”

The gateway will now route all traffic for zone Backbone ( to the 3rd-party router (

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