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Offline provisioning an Ocedo gateway via USB method

November 23, 2015 - Posted in Feature Peek by

Adding a new gateway to your network requires the appliance to contact the Connect Controller (CC) which provides the initial configuration.
In a scenario where no DHCP server is available in the existing network, or a static IP address should be assigned to the new gateway, offline provisioning can be used.
You can set up the configuration on your CC, even if the hardware is currently not present at the related site.
At least the serial number of the new appliance will be required to create the offline provisioning configuration file.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Connect Controller (CC)
  2. Got to Network Design > Sites > New Site
    Specify at least the Site tag, name and the City information and press Submit
  3. In Network Design > Uplinks
    Select the Uplink of the new created Site and define an Uplink Type e.g. “static IPv4″ or “DSL”
    Fill out the required IP or user account information and press “Submit”
  4. Navigate to Appliances > Add Appliances > Register Hardware Appliance
    Enter the serial number of the Ocedo Gateway and select the Site
    you want to deploy the appliance
  5. Select the new hardware appliance, click on Actions and choose “Download config”
    A config file named with the serial of the gateway will be downloaded
  6. Apply the file on a FAT32 formatted USB stick
    (Other file system types like Linux ext2,3,4, NTFS, etc are not supported)
  7. Deploy the gateway on the site and power on the appliance
  8. Wait at least 30 seconds until the new appliance powered up correctly before plugging in the USB stick
    IMPORTANT: The gateway will NOT mount the stick during boot up time,
    due to this the config will not be imported
  9. Plug in the stick to restore the configuration
  10. The gateway will be able to connect to the CC with the previous set up configuration

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