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Ocedo Named in SD-WAN Technology Overview by Gartner

July 27, 2015 - Posted in News by Jan Hichert

As with any new technology, it takes time for the market to become comfortable with what it is, its application, and its benefit. Since launching Ocedo nine months ago, we have seen a healthy debate in the industry about Software Defined Networking (SDN). Is it ready, is it only for the data center or is it also applicable for wide area networks, and how does it relate to the cloud? Gartner recently wrote a research brief (Technology Overview for SD-WAN, 02 July 2015, G00279026) describing the application for SDN in wide area networks–making this emerging technology a unique category–and we couldn’t agree more.

SD-WAN solves typical issues in traditional, router-based WANs such as static configurations and high cost per Mbps, which have become more pressing through the emergence of public cloud computing. Gartner confirms that SD-WAN solutions like Ocedo reduce the cost and complexity associated with traditional WANs. “Network decision makers can achieve cost savings, increased agility and simplification with SD-WAN,” said Gartner analysts Andrew Lerner and Neil Rickard.

Gartner defines SD-WAN as having four components: a lightweight replacement for traditional WAN routers agnostic to WAN transport; efficient and dynamic support for load sharing based on business and application policies; reduced complexity for management, configuration and orchestration; and a secure VPN connection. It is such a convincing proposition that Andrew Lerner has even created an I love SD-WAN logo.

We at Ocedo share Gartner’s vision for SD-WAN and can confirm from our currently underway 17-city, 4-continent roadshow that there is growing interest about software defined networking architectures for branch offices, cloud enviroments and other remotely managed sites. At the roadshow we demonstrate Ocedo’s solutions to address: branch connectivity, guest and BYOD access, safe Internet access, distributed LAN and WIFI, and data center interconnect. We are also learning that while there is excitement about cloud networking, there are concerns about data privacy, and many companies prefer self-hosting of their cloud controller.

It is an honor to be named by Gartner in this emerging technology category (and the only European vendor). Stay tuned…the conversation about SD-WAN is just beginning.

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