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Ocedo Connect – Release Notes V1.14

October 5, 2015 - Posted in Release Notes by Sandra Grözinger


Amazon Web Services (AWS) Integration
Add support to integrate AWS VPCs and EC2 instances into the Ocedo System. Existing VPCs can be imported and their settings are automatically synced from AWS. Running EC2 instances are automatically added as registered devices their settings also being synced from AWS. Deploying virtual Ocedo gateways to the VPCs is fully automated.

Disable pause frame handling on switches
Instead of using ingress backpressure (based on receiving and transmitting pause frames) the switches will now handle overload situations by dropping frames in the egress. This avoids situations where a single device sending pause frames causes ingress backpressure to cascade through the whole network.

Smaller Additions Improvements and Bugfixes

  • AutoVPN: Master sites will now be respond-only for connections with leaf sites.
  • ClassicVPN: Firmware is now correctly monitoring all subtunnels (not only the first one)
  • Firmware: Fix disabling of STP sometimes not working
  • Fix a long-standing issue that caused longer network downtimes then necessary on some configuration changes.
  • Fix AP5r DFS channel usage.
  • Fix appliance statistics reporting not working when a port has more than 100 MAC addresses in the ARL table
  • Fix DNS hostnames used in external host whitelist for Inbound (NAT) rules
  • Fix handling of VLAN 1 in S24
  • Fix rule repositioning not working if the position was the only changed value
  • Fix some instances of an issue where the contents of tables would not show the latest changes made just previously
  • Fix use of DNS hostnames in custom applications
  • Improve fan control on S24 to prevent the fan from spinning up and down in short succession.
  • Increase XLAN stability in sites with lots of appliances
  • OLED on G100 and S24 now shows icons for connected/connecting
  • Policy tags now support the additional characters underscore dash dot and colon.
  • S24 MAC list entries now time out instead of sticking around almost indefinitely
  • Show global organization id in realm and org view (will at some point be used for licensing)
  • Traffic sent via Sitelink VPN now shown in Traffic Timeline

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