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Ocedo Connect – Release Notes V1.12

July 14, 2015 - Posted in Release Notes by Sandra Grözinger

New features

Added download for Ocedo Windows Agent installer
The Ocedo Windows Agent provides permanent VPN connectivity to the corporate network. It is branded for this particular organization so no manual configuration is required. The installer can be downloaded from the Agent tab within the Organization menu. After installation, users can register their Agent via loopback authentication.

Some UI changes and improvements

  • Theme selection has moved to the personal admin menu.
  •  Re-added version number display. Linked to release notes modal.
  • Size of extended log drawer can now be adjusted by mouse drag. Preferred size is saved in browser session.
  • Added blocked connections log to the log drawer.
  • Table and detail views now correctly resize when extending log drawer.
  • Fixed some cosmetic glitches when switching between alternative table/detail rendering styles.

Added “Blocked connections” live log
Connections blocked by the policy engine can now be viewed in real-time. The log entries are linked to the respective rules, users, devices and groups.

Added DHCPv4 relay support
Instead of serving DHCP themselves, Ocedo Gateways can now forward DHCP queries to servers in other zones. Manual Default Gateway configuration must be enabled and DHCP/RA Server disabled, to configure DHCP Relay.

Ocedo S24 Switch Support
Added support for the Ocedo S24 switch. Ports show up in the CC ports section and can be configured like every other port. Additionally POE information is shown per port (i.e. the amount of power drawn from this port).

Smaller Additions, Improvements and Bugfixes

  • OpenSSL security update to version 1.0.1p
  • Fix traffic data retention calculation. Setting this to “0 days” will now only keep the data for the current day.
  • Switch to a more reliable provider for SMS messaging.
  • Allow to use up to /16 netmask on IPv4 netpool
  • “Inbound NAT” on gateway assignment will now NAT (MASQ) all traffic entering the zone via the gateway, instead of only traffic to the zones own network(s).
  • Fix a critical bug that can lead to appliance crashes
  • “Unregistered devices” list does not show devices from guest zones any more.
  • Access to Controller for Ocedo Support can now be granted and revoked in Realm GUI.
  • All port types now share unified RX and TX counters for packets, bytes and errors.
  • ClassicVPN connections now have an on/off switch.
  • Ocedo Gateways will now provide DNS service for all internal networks, also in zones where the gateway does not provide DHCP service.
  • Ability to powercycle a POE port on Ocedo switches
  • Ability to reboot appliances from the CC
  • DNS replies with return code NXDOMAIN are not cached anymore
  • Reduce amount of traffic between appliances and CC for statistics
  • Added “Forgot password?” self-help function for admins (off by default)
  • An optional netmask can now be configured for static uplinks

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