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Ocedo Connect – Release Notes V1.11

June 3, 2015 - Posted in Release Notes by Sandra Grözinger

New features

Ability to hide unregistered devices instead of registering them
If you don’t want the overhead of registering devices, but still want to be notified of new devices appearing in your network, you can now also “hide” unregistered devices instead of registering them. Hidden unregistered devices will not trigger thenotification, and they are not shown in the overview table by default.

Tunneled SSH connections now routed via a proxy
SSH connections now require connecting via proxy. The CC provides the proxy inline, so there is no additional deployment required. However, the SSH client needs to support proxy operation. For standard OpenSSH, the GUI provides a ready-to-paste connection command line that works on OSX and Linux. On Windows, it will work with Cygwin or MinGW environments.

Two-factor authentication
Added two-factor authentication via mobile messaging. This feature can be globally enabled for the whole realm, but modified on a per-organization and per-admin basis.

Introducing ClassicVPN
ClassicVPN lets you connect your Ocedo-managed network to 3rd-party IPSec VPN gateways. Remote networks attached via ClassicVPN can be used in Rules as a source and as a target.

Smaller Additions, Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Show virtualization type in Gateway VM information tab
  • Changed table layout to work better with smaller screen resolutions
  • Fix appliance being unable to reconfigure under certain circumstances
  • Traffic timeline view: Render links to devices
  • Fix possibly incorrect uplink uptime calculation
  • Added hint about network range collisions
  • Added “home site” option to user properties to prepare for release of Ocedo Agent
  • Zones can now be used as a “Source” in Rules
  • Fix inter-zone traffic forwarded via RouteVPN not being included in Traffic Timeline

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