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Directory Sync via Google Apps

December 22, 2015 - Posted in Feature Peek by

In case your organization is using a Google domain infrastructure, Ocedo is able to fetch Google domain users to allow easy integration.
Users which are added in your directory on can be created automatically on the Connect controller.
The Google Apps Sync feature will poll the Service and update the users in intervals of 15 min.
User accounts attributes ‘email address’ and the user’s ‘mobile number’ will be fetched from the backend as to enable them to use both methods for Portal registration.

To setup Directory Sync via Google Apps create a ‘Service account key’ via Google’s Developer Console first.

Google Developer Console

  1. Login to the Google Developers Console via
  2. Go To menu -> API Manager, choose ‘Credentials’ from the left sidebar
  3. Click on ‘New credentials’ select ‘Service account key’
  4. Choose a ‘Service account’ from the drop down menu
  5. Key type : JSON
  6. Click on ‘Create’
    The JSON key will be downloaded automatically

Ocedo Connect Controller

  1. In your Connect Controller go to Users > Directory Sync > Setup
  2. Select Directory backend : Google Apps
    Domain: [Your Google Apps domain name, e.g.]
    Admin Account: [email address of the user for which the application is requesting delegated access. This must be an account admin privileges over the domain]
    Private Key: upload the JSON key file here
  3. Go To tab ‘Sync Status’ to fetch the domain users by selecting
    Operation mode: Sync
    Click on ‘Sync now’

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