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Configurable firmware upgrade

It’s possible to schedule firmware upgrades, for either the entire realm or on a per-organization basis. The scheduling of firmware upgrades is configured by selecting the time and day of the week, for either the entire realm or on a per-organization basis. The day of the week is an optional setting, as daily upgrades may […]

Ocedo CEO Jan Hichert

Video: Riverbed and Ocedo leaders talk to business and product strategy

Riverbed CMO Subbu Iyer, Ocedo CEO Jan Hichert, and Paul O’Farrell (Riverbed GM of SteelHead, SteelFusion and SD-WAN businesses), discuss the Riverbed acquisition of Germany-based Ocedo, a leading provider of software-defined networking and SD-WAN solutions. The Riverbed and Ocedo leaders talk to […]

Ocedo News

Ocedo acquired by Riverbed

Riverbed Announces Acquisition of Leading SD-WAN Provider Ocedo Acquisition accelerates Riverbed’s strategy to deliver next-generation software-defined networking solutions to customers, and creates significant new growth opportunities SAN FRANCISCO – January 19, 2015 – Riverbed Technology, the leader in application performance infrastructure, today announced the acquisition of Germany-based Ocedo, a leading provider of software-defined networking and […]

Ocedo News

Riverbed kauft SD-WAN-Provider Ocedo

Riverbed kauft SD-WAN-Provider Ocedo Zukauf bringt neue Wachstumsmöglichkeiten und beschleunigt Bereitstellung von fortschrittlichen SDN-Lösungen München – 19. Januar 2016 – Riverbed Technology, der Application Performance Infrastructure-Anbieter, hat heute den Zukauf des deutschen Unternehmens Ocedo bekannt gegeben. Ocedo stellt Lösungen für SDN (Software Defined Networking) und SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) zur Verfügung. Durch diesen […]


Factory reset Ocedo appliances

In case the appliance is unable to connect to CC due to misconfiguration, a factory reset may be required. Performing a factory reset will wipe all configuration made and set’s the appliance to out-of-the-box state. The appliance will try to connect via fallback mechanism (DHCP) to the CC again and request it’s configuration. Important: Factory […]


Directory Sync via Google Apps

In case your organization is using a Google domain infrastructure, Ocedo is able to fetch Google domain users to allow easy integration. Users which are added in your directory on can be created automatically on the Connect controller. The Google Apps Sync feature will poll the Service and update the users in intervals of […]


Offline provisioning an Ocedo gateway via USB method

Adding a new gateway to your network requires the appliance to contact the Connect Controller (CC) which provides the initial configuration.
In a scenario where no DHCP server is available in the existing network, or a static IP address should be assigned […]


Adding static routes

How to add static routes In case 3rd-party routers are used in the network environment, it may be necessary to add manual routes to reach the remote zones. The following example explains how to add a manual route to reach the backbone zone from HQ gateway. Example setup Login to your Connect Controller (CC) […]

Ocedo News

Ocedo gewinnt mit dicom neuen Distributor in Österreich

KARLSRUHE, 16. November 2015 – Mit dicom gewinnt Ocedo, ein weltweiter Anbieter von Software Defined Networking-Lösungen, einen neuen Distributor in Österreich und baut sein Distributionsnetz weiter aus. dicom ist ein Value-add-Distributor in Österreich für State-of-the-Art-Technologien und namhafte Hersteller wie […]

Ocedo News

Ocedo gewinnt CyberChampion Award

KARLSRUHE, 13. November 2015 – Die Ocedo GmbH, weltweiter Anbieter von Software Defined Networking-Lösungen, wurde beim diesjährigem CyberChampion Award mit dem 1. Preis in der Kategorie NewComer ausgezeichnet. Zu diesem Schluss kam die Jury des CyberForums, die mit bekannten und erfahrenen Unternehmern der Hightech- und IT-Branche […]


How to replace an existing Ocedo gateway

In case a gateway appliance has to be replaced by identical hardware, e.g. due to RMA, proceed as follows: Scenario 1 (initial provisioning via DHCP) [Condition] The new gateway is able to obtain an IP address via DHCP in the network to reach the Connect Controller (CC) and register at the core server. Login to […]


Ocedo’s SDN-driven VPN Product

Ocedo’s SDN adoption enables them to offer an automatic enterprise grade SDN-driven Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution. Their VPN product is an infrastructure “always on” service, offering customers the ability to connect dispersed geographic sites supporting end-to-end communication flow. The architecture is not tied to a singular topology model, providing design flexibility for different site […]

Ocedo News

Ocedo Cloud Networking Solution Debuts at AWS re:Invent 2015

KARLSRUHE, GERMANY- October 6, 2015 – Ocedo GmbH, global provider of software defined networking solutions, today unveiled Ocedo for Amazon Web Services at AWS re:Invent 2015. Complementing its existing gateways, access points, and switches for the physical world, Ocedo for AWS delivers a complete networking system for […]


Ocedo’s Controller-based Network

Networking is going through its biggest revolution If you compare the way networks are run today to the way compute is run, it’s like comparing the stone age to today’s modern society. Network configurations use CLI and it’s a very manual culture. Server virtualization has led to huge efficiency gains, while the efficiency increase for […]

Info Security Magazine

Ocedo breidt Cloud Solutions voor automatiseren vestigingsnetwerken uit

Ocedo, de Secure Automated Network-oplossing uit het portfolio van distributeur Contec, heeft een nieuwe lijn van switches gelanceerd. Deze aanvulling maakt de huidige geautomatiseerde netwerkoplossing, bestaande uit gateways en access points, compleet. Ocedo stelt organisaties in staat om, via de cloud, […]

Ocedo News

Ocedo Named in SD-WAN Technology Overview by Gartner

As with any new technology, it takes time for the market to become comfortable with what it is, its application, and its benefit. Since launching Ocedo nine months ago, we have seen a healthy debate in the industry about Software Defined Networking (SDN). Is it ready, is it only for the data center or is […]

Ocedo News

Ocedo im SD-WAN Technology Overview von Gartner erwähnt

Mit jeder neuen Technologie, braucht es eine gewisse Zeit, bis der Markt mit ihrer Anwendung und ihren Vorteilen „warm“ wird. Seit dem Ocedo-Launch vor neun Monaten, verfolgen wir im Markt eine angeregte Debatte über Software Defined Networking (SDN). Ist es schon startklar? Macht es nur im Rechenzentrum Sinn oder auch für WANs (Wide Area Networks)? […]


Feature Peek – ClassicVPN

The Ocedo System has a super fast and easy way to create a resilient VPN backbone between all your sites by using its “AutoVPN” feature. But not everybody has an Ocedo Gateway to connect to, and you still might need access to 3rd party networks which can be achieved by creating a manual VPN tunnel using […]

Video Demo

Video: Getting Started – Session 4

Our getting started series continues with a session focused on visibility. With Ocedo, you address this most-crucial aspect of security and networking. In this video, we’ll show you how Ocedo eliminates network blind spots and grants intimate knowledge of every device that is operating in your network company-wide. This video series is designed to give […]


Smooth integration of Ocedo into existing networks

In order to set up Ocedo appliances for demos, lab, evaluation or testing purposes, it is often needed to smoothly integrate them into an existing network infrastructure, without the need to completely change the network cabling, routing or ip addressing schemes.[…]

Ocedo News

Ocedo zeichnet ALSO als neuen Distributor

Unternehmen baut mit der neuen Partnerschaft sein Distributionsnetz in Deutschland weiter aus.

KARLSRUHE, 9. April 2015 – Mit ALSO Deutschland, einem führenden Komplettanbieter für die ITK- Branche, zeichnet die Ocedo GmbH, weltweiter Anbieter von Software Defined Networking Lösungen für den Mittelstand […]

Logo ebrahma

Features of Ocedo SDN Switches

Features of Ocedo SDN Switches With over a decade of experience engineering networks for thousands of organizations around the globe, the Ocedo team is delivering the benefits of software defined networking to enterprise switches networks. Networks engineered switches using SDN technologies benefit from increased agility, speed, scalability, and lower capital and operating costs. Ocedo switches […]


Ports Used by Ocedo

A quick overview over the ports used by Ocedo appliances and their descriptions […]

Video Demo

Video: Getting Started – Session 3

In Session 3 of our getting started video series, you will see how to blanket all the sites in your organization with wireless in just minutes, and we’ll also demonstrate one of uniquely amazing features made possible by how we centrally combine networking, wireless, VPN and much more. This video series is designed to give […]

Video Demo

Video: Getting Started – Session 2

Continuing on from Session 1 in our series of getting started video guides, watch how you can expand your organization with multiple sites, then use our AutoVPN to effortlessly connect them together with full mesh VPN! This video series is designed to give you a look at the features of Ocedo and assist you in […]

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Ocedo tourt durch Europa

Software-Defined-Networking-Anbieter Ocedo hat auf einer Roadshow die Vorteile seiner Netzwerklösung präsentiert. Mit seinem Angebot für KMUs wirke sich die Grösse des Netzwerks nicht auf den administrativen Aufwand aus. Nach Events in Deutschland, Frankreich und Griechenland hat der Anbieter von Software-Defined-Networking Ocedo diese Woche mit seiner Roadshow in Zürich Halt gemacht. Für die Veranstaltung gingen deutlich […]

Video Demo

Video: Getting Started – Session 1

Watch how you can set up a secure corporate network (wired and wireless) within minutes using Ocedo’s cloud managed networking solution. This video is designed as a quick start guide to help you get up and running in Ocedo quickly […]

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Der SDN-Spezialist Ocedo geht mit zwei Distributoren an den Start

Das Karlsruher Startup Ocedo hat zwei Distributionspartner verpflichtet: Exclusive Networks und Infinigate vertreiben ab sofort die Produkte des badischen Netzwerkspezialisten, der sich mit seinem Portfolio an mittelständische Endkunden richtet […]

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Ocedo launches Software Defined Networking solution

Industry’s first cloud-managed and SDN-enabled network solution for distributed organizations, reduces operating expense when creating and managing enterprise networks. Ocedo GmbH has started commercial shipment of its network automation solution […]

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Astaro-Gründer zielen auf mittelständischen SDN-Markt

Das deutsche Startup Ocedo startet jetzt in den heiß umkämpften Markt für Software-Defined Networking. Allerdings zielt die SDN-Lösung des Karlsruher Unternehmens vor allem auf die Bedürfnisse kleinerer und mittelständischer Unternehmen […]

Ocedo News

Ocedo nimmt den SDN Markt ins Visier

Ocedo gab heute ihren Einstieg in den schnell wachsenden Software Defined Networking (SDN) Markt bekannt. Netzwerke, die auf SDN Technologien basieren, profitieren von höherer Flexibilität, schnellerem Rollout, einfacherer Skalierbarkeit und geringeren Kapital- und Betriebskosten. Ocedo bietet diese Vorteile speziell für Netzwerke mittelständischer […]

Ocedo News

Ocedo enters fast growing Software Defined Networking market

Ocedo today announced its entry in the fast growing software defined networking (SDN) market. Networks engineered using SDN technologies benefit from increased agility, speed, scalability, and lower capital and operating costs. Ocedo is uniquely focused on bringing these SDN benefits to distributed enterprise networks specifically for mid-sized companies […]

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Integrierte Lösung aus Netzwerkhardware und Cloud-Management

Mit einem kompletten Portfolio an integrierter Netzwerk- hardware und Managementtools will Ocedo die Vorzüge von Software-Defined Networking für den Mittelstand erschließen. Während Telkos und Betreiber großer Rechenzentren das Thema Software-Defined Networking (SDN) derzeit heiß diskutieren […]


LED blink codes

Gateways G50/ G50w Connection to Connect Controller (CC) established all LEDs off Trying to establish a connection to CC green [solid] G100 Connection to CC established OLED Text: Connected! Trying to establish a connection to CC OLED Text: Connecting Switches S12 Connection to CC established green [solid] Trying to establish a connection to CC green […]


Provide connectivity between sites with Ocedo AutoVPN

The AutoVPN feature provides connectivity between Ocedo Sites. In each Site there can be only one appliance acting as an AutoVPN end-point. The selected Appliance should ideally be the network gateway for the Site or be placed inline to pass all traffic entering and exiting the Site […]


Add users to your Connect Controller with Active Directory Sync

In case your organization runs an Active Directory infrastructure, Ocedo can sync users from the Domain Controller to allow easy integration. The Active Directory Sync (AD Sync) feature will poll the Active Directory Domain Controller every 15 minutes […]


Setup an SSID using Radius NPS /WPA2 Enterprise Security

This document describes how to setup an SSID using WPA2 Enterprise security in Ocedo’s Connect Controller in combination with Microsoft Windows Server Radius NPS using PEAP/EAP-MSCHAPv2 authentication methods […]


Use Social Media Apps to self-register guests

Social Media Apps can be used to register Guest Devices when the Portal is active on a Guest Zone. The Guest Portal can be enabled for Guest Zones on the WiFi Broadcast. When configured, Guests can validate themselves with the Social Media App you have configured. Once registered and validated Guest Devices will then be […]


DynZone (Dynamic VLAN tagging)

Registered Devices (and consequently Users) can be dynamically mapped into Zones, either by matching policy tags between Device/User and Zones or (when using WPA2 Enterprise) by RADIUS. DynZone can be activated in Connect Controller > WiFi > Broadcasts > DynZone. Policy Tags If you want to use DynZone mode “by policy tags” you have to […]


Enable employees and guests to self-register via the Ocedo portal

A Device Registration Portal can be enabled for both standard Zones and Guest Zones. This is done on a Zone by Zone basis. The type of Zone will determine the type of Portal used, standard Zones will publish a “Registered User Portal” while Guest Zones will publish a “Guest Portal”. You can enable the Portal […]


Deploying an Access Point

Login to your Connect Controller (CC) Navigate to Appliances > Add Appliances > Register Hardware Appliance Enter the Serial number of the Access Point (AP) and select the Site you want to deploy the appliance After successful registration click on the AP and switch to the Wired tab If you’re not using VLANs select “Singlezone, automatic […]


Deploying a Software Gateway

There are two different types of Software Gateways available: Gateway VM (for virtual environments) and Gateway JumpStart (for x86-based hardware). A Gateway VM can be imported into various virtualization platforms like VMware, Virtualbox, KVM, Hyper-V, XEN or Amazon EC2. The Gateway JumpStart can be downloaded as an ISO image which needs to be flashed to […]

Ocedo sponsors Netfilter Workshop T-SHirt

Ocedo funds Linux
Next Generation Firewall Meetup

The Ocedo founders have been sponsoring development of the network security stack netfilter in the Linux kernel for more than a decade as part of their former company Astaro, and are continuing their commitment towards open source software development within Ocedo […]

Ocedo News

What is SDN at Ocedo?

SDN (Software Defined Networking) is an industry buzzword used to generally describe a system where a central piece of software is used to automatically configure distributed network equipment. Of course, at Ocedo, we do SDN, too! In this blog post, I’ll explain what we’re doing and why our approach to SDN takes it a step […]

Ocedo News

Introducing Ocedo

Out of the three pillars of IT infrastructure — compute, storage and networking — the first two have enjoyed significant innovation in recent years, such as virtualization and cloud computing. Unfortunately, for networking that is not true. Networks are still configured device by device, site by site, with administrators often entering terminal commands sitting uncomfortably […]


Ocedo liefert SDN für Mittelstand aus

Nach einer erfolgreichen Testphase soll Ocedos SDN-Portfolio für verteilte Unternehmensnetze im Mittelstand nun zu allen Kunden kommen – unter anderem über deutsche Distributoren, eine Roadshow und kostenlose Teststellungen […]